Sunday, February 28, 2010


So now we will both post our goals for this adventure. Stef will start out, Heather will finish it on up.


Hi, obviously my goal is to not be fat anymore. More specifically, right now I weigh 195. That's almost 200 lbs. I figure you should all know the truth and what we're dealing with here. 195lbs makes me fat. Based on my height which is 5'3" I should weigh between 118 and 130. I am kind of far away from that right now. So my first goal is to reach my goal weight.. which is 120. I would also like to pretty much make a huge life change and fix the way I eat. I don't have a problem eating healthy things... I just have a problem with portion control and chocolate. I love chocolate... --Side note, I was just watching the mtv show 16 and pregnant and I weigh more than a pregnant 16 year old at 35 weeks. Gross--
So back on task we're shooting for a goal weight of 120, eating healthier and utilizing portion control, toning my arms and losing belly fat, and being able to run at least 3 miles comfortably. Baby steps people baby steps. I think I can do it. Suggestions are welcome.. Keep in mind I'm not down with starving myself, yo yo dieting, or doing cocaine. I want to do this the healthy way that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I also would like to get rid of my multiple chins.

Over to you Heather.

Eh-hem. Thanks Stef. My goals are sort of the same as Stef's but a little different. I really would like to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying the food and beverages I love. I've done the whole portion control and calorie counting before and sort of let it slip away. Right now I'm right around 140. I would like to weight 120 but I just don't know how realistic that is. I don't want it to look like my teeth are too big for my body. You know the look. Since I have man legs that weigh at least 50 lbs each, that doesn't really leave me with weigh distribution anywhere else. I would like to lose my chins as well. Well, I want to keep one of them but the rest can go. Speaking of chins, Stef and I took pictures of ours. They're pretty funny.

Stef's face totally looks like Fat Bastard. If both of us really looked like that, I'd hope our friends and family would not allow us to be seen publicly. Nothing like posting it for the whole Internet to see!

I would also like to be able to run 10 miles comfortably. Right now I'm right around running 3 without my lungs wanting to disown me and dislodge themselves from my body. I was supposed to run 6 today but I'm on my deathbed so running is out of the question. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow so I can at least hit the gym for some cardio. I've always wanted a six pack. I could do sit ups all day, every day but all that belly fat just hides them. Hopefully under there is some really kick ass abs. Really, to sum things up, I want to eat healthy, have more energy, and honestly just want to look good in a bikini...or naked.

what is wrong with my calf muscles???

Hi all, Stef here. So I don't know what the hell my problem is but I cannot briskly walk or run for more than 1/4 of a mile before the outside of my calf muscles feel like they are being saturated with battery acid. I went an bought 120 dollar shoes to help the pro-nation I already suffer from and hoped that it would also correct my burning muscles. The thing is people, is that I can ride the bike forever... I feel like my legs never ever get tired when I'm on the bike. Walking fast or running on the treadmill for 15 minutes makes me want to cut my legs off. The outer part of my calf muscles just start burning and cramping. Any ideas? I tried WebMD but found that according to that website, no matter what is wrong with me, I am dying or should go to the hospital immediately. Let's be honest, I'm not dying. I'm fat, maybe my little calfies are just saying wtf are you doing putting all of this weight on us? For that I apologize to my calf muscles, but seriously, if you don't buck up, I will be dying from being a huge huge person. I will also probably become a diabetic. Guess what happens when people get diagnosed with diabetes? They run the risk of getting their legs amputated due to poor circulation... so seriously calf muscles... if you don't start working, you'll be the first to go. I swear.
Hopefully that little talking to motivated them. I'll keep you all posted on the issue.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I had to buy the pink work out shoes...

Heather’s introduction was pretty amazing. I would have posted earlier but I was busy trimming my moustache (You have to see the previous post for that to be funny). Anyway, hello to all of the readers out there! This is Stef. If this were an episode of the Real World I would be the fat, gay, musician one. That being said, I’d get a lot of air time, but never get a record deal or a modeling contract. I’d probably get a lot of air time because I would eat all of the food in the house and the roomies would be pissed. Anyway……
I’m just gonna say it, I’m fat. I feel like I’ve been fat my whole life. I think I have an eating disorder. We’re going to call it fatorexic. I’ve been told to watch my weight ever since the 3rd grade, and for some reason my brain took that to mean “there’s no hope, so just keep on what you’re doing because you’ll always be fat.” So I did. I was also forced to eat everything on my plate before I could go play, and that has stuck with me. There were skinny times in my life, but I was either starving all of the time or doing drugs that gave me bad teeth (just the back teeth thank God) and screwed up my sleeping schedule. I am no longer starving or strung out, but of course that means I am no longer skinny. L
Let me be clear, the purposes of the goals I want to accomplish (which will be outlined in a future post) are not to just get skinny. I want to be healthy. I want to stop waking up tired, ending my day exhausted, getting winded when walking up a flight of stairs. I want to be able to run a half marathon next year. The perks of my health goals will enable me to wear a bathing suit without wanting to die, and buy the clothes that are on the mannequins at the stores. Let’s be honest the clothes on the mannequins are no longer cute when they are 8 sizes bigger. The best perk of all is that I will be adding years to my life, and actually enjoy living those extra years.
So I’m ready to start this journey. I’m excited to have this adventure with my best friend. We started out at the age of three watching rainbow bright (the rainbow part only rubbed off on me) and we continued to be best friends for the rest of our lives. It only makes sense that I would make a huge life change with Heather hanging on for the ride. Hopefully she doesn’t jump off… I might get cranky. Hopefully, by blogging this experience we will be able to motivate others, or at least give people a good laugh. That’s all for now folks.

Wind of Change.....

....Que the whistling. I've had this song in my head all morning AND changes are ahead so it only seemed fitting.

I'd like to start off by showing you a couple of photos so you can get to know Stef and myself.

That beauty on the left is Stef and I'm shown on the right there with my ex-husband Robbie. Don't worry, that open wound looking cashmiracle you see is just a birthmark. Zombies didn't attack me.

All jokes aside, I've never been married and Stef doesn't even come CLOSE to resembling that....woman? Man? Woman that looks like a man? But I do in fact have a big fat red neck and no, Zombies didn't attack me. This is the first post on our Fatties for Fitness blog so let me say WELCOME. If you are wondering what this blog is about I'll give you a second to re-read the title. Go ahead. You good? Good. During the next couple of months my BFF Stef and I will be bitching and moaning and celebrating the fact that we are getting healthy. We aren't doing a yo-yo diet or cleanses. We are doing this the ole fashioned way...eating healthy and exercising. Crazy and ingenius, we know!!

I'm so excited to start this because it's not only about us getting hot (or hotter), it's about us getting healthy and making a life change of staying healthy. It's going to be a rocky road but I think we're both up for the challenge. Hope you find this entertaining and maybe even inspiring.

Looking forward to fun and fitness!