Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here I go, here I go, here I go again!

Girls, what's my weakness? MEN or Cool Mint Oreos.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Pitbull,

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for getting me through the gym. However, I have yet to lose a pound. I keep telling myself it's because I'm replacing fat with muscle (blah, blah, blah). Hopefully I'm right. I'm getting into a swimsuit this weekend. Slip N' Slides will be involved as well. Here's hoping I don't dislocate anything.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dropping the ball?

Shit. Hi everyone. Don't worry I didn't die, though at times I wanted to. This past little rut I have been in has sucked. I was competing in a competition with my family for weight loss. It was called the Game On! Diet. The competition is based on a book that my cousin was reading. More info can be found here It was a 4 week competition, and it was a blast because I was doing the whole thing with my family. After it ended, I fell off the deep end and into busy mode. I recently got a new job at a new location and it has been a challenge dealing with the change. I wasn't aware of how comfortable I was in my old job, and entering into a new environment with new people and personalities kind of got me down. I'M SORRY I have been absent. After I got a little settled in, I decided since I have kick ass benefits I would use them. I got an infected tooth surgically removed and had an implant placed in my jaw. I have included a photo to show you how it's done.. the only difference is that one of my molars was replaced with an implant. Basically they have to drill a hole into my jaw bone and put a screw in it.

This is the after photo. Notice the right side of my face and how gross it is

Talk about double chin. I didn't have any control over that. Anyway.. That was done on Tuesday, the photo taken on Wednesday. It is now Sunday and I am feeling better and no longer look like chunk from the movie Goonies.
I am now ready to get serious again and get this weight off forever!!! I have followed the directions of my co-pilot and visited Any of you reading should also visit that link and sign up!!!! It will be fun for all! and we will blog about our experience.

In the next two weeks I will be working out, and also packing up my apartment. The wife and I are moving into a HOUSE. No, I didn't buy a house. I don't really want to make that type of investment considering I do not want to live in Utah that long ever. For the next couple of years though.. we will be living in a house like grown ups, our dogs will have a yard to play in, and we will be much happier. I'll post pictures.

I AM SO SO SO SORRY I have been missing. It wont happen again, I promise. How is everyone else doing? Comment! Let me know!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hostess bakery, Cash Cab, and Dreamweaver...mmmmmm.

For those of you who have followed this blog from the start have probably noticed that 50% of the piece is missing. That 50% I'm talking about is Stef. Yeah Stef, I'm calling you out. WHERE ARE YOU?!?! I'll cut her some slack because she's had some extensive dental work this week so she's actually probably lost some weight from not being able to eat. Feel better Stef.

With that being said, I've found a new source of encouragement and it involves competition....for money...that I need so it's going to work. Lauren over at Some Whine With Cheese has been gracious enough to set all this up. The details aren't set in stone yet but if you are interested in joining our little competition, you can visit a blog that Lauren has set up here or go here and check it out. It's free and it's some crazy community of people dedicated to losing weight and/or reaching fitness goals. My main goal isn't to lose a certain amount of weight. I'm vain and basically want to look good naked. Amen.

This week I've made it to the gym ALMOST as much as I'd like to report but not quite. I really have no excuse for it. But the times I have gone, I have totally kicked my own ass and it's felt amazing. I remember why I love going to the gym so much. It's my time to catch up on Cash Cab, ESPN, and CNN. It's also a great time to do some quality people watching. That sounds creepy. Seriously, there is a guy who lifts at the gym every single day. It's like clock work. I remember when I first saw him. Time stood still, glitter fell from the heavens, and Dreamweaver started playing. I know, I was confused too you guys. He was HOT! Then suddenly this grunt came out of him while lifting weights and the record made a horrific scratch. I don't think grunt can adequately describe the sound coming out of this man. That forever shattered my view of hot-Dreamweaver guy.

The only thing I have a hard time with regarding my gym is walking out to my car after my workout. Don't get me wrong, the feeling after the gym is amazing and I'm so proud of myself. I don't have a problem physically walking but as I exit the building, I'm hit with the smell of fresh baked Wonderbread, carbs, and temptation. The Hostess bakery is RIGHT. ACROSS. THE. EFFING. STREET!!! I can't decide whether the person responsible for putting a gym and a bakery side by side is an asshole or a genius. Do you know what my favorite thing in this whole wide world is? A strawberry PB&J on white Wonderbread with a huge glass of milk. Ok, maybe it's not my favorite thing in the whole wide world but it's up there. It's pretty tempting. I haven't given in though.

Anyhoo, I'm taking a break from the gym this weekend and heading down to the country to do some hiking and star-gazing (weather permitting). I'll leave you with a few of my favorite tunes I worked out to this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. See you next week!

Technologic- Daft Punk
OMG- Usher ft. Will.I.Am
Shut It Down- Pitbull
Notorious Thugs- Bone and Biggie

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can we go back to these days?

I always knew I was born in the wrong decade.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Say A Little Prayer For Meeeeee....Forever and eva....

Did you kids think I gave up on fitness? I'll admit it. I did. I have the hardest time staying motivated. I come up with paper thin excuses until they just blow away with the slightest breeze and I end up not going to the gym. Excuses like, if I go to the gym today, I won't have time to wash my bra for tomorrow so I'll just save a swoob-free (sweaty boob) bra for tomorrow. Or, I'm too hungry right now. If I go to the gym right now, I'd hulk out and probably injure a poor unsuspecting skinny girl on the treadmill next to me. I'll sacrifice getting in shape for the well-being of man kind. (This statement is probably more truth than exaggeration) Sigh, or I got too drunk the night before. Who can work out hungover? The answer is probably a lot of people but not this girl. Although sweating out the booze would probably be good for me. I just can't will myself to do it.

I've started going back to the gym this last week. I'm not going to lie, I didn't go this weekend. I thought about it. Instead I used the time to eat up all the frozen burritos in my freezer and throw away all the candy I still had in my pantry from Easter. I STILL had candy from Easter. How proud are you? Plus I helped my mother with yard work so I know that counted for some calorie burnage. I didn't want to blog last week and be all "Hey look at me! I'm a superstar! I went to the gym one time!" so I figured I'd give it a few times to make sure it stuck. Pretty sure it stuck.

The truth is, it's down to crunch time. Candace's wedding is in exactly 8 weeks. That's the perfect amount of time I need to tighten it up. I don't even so much care about my weight. My BMI is "normal" so really, I don't care about that. I just care about what I see in the mirror. Granted, my fat is now tanned fat so it doesn't look as bad but it's still there. I want to be able to shop for a dress without the guilt and hassle of having to find a certain dress to hide my belly. Also, I'm moving to another state in about 3 months and I don't want to pull in looking like a slob. I know absolutely nobody where I'm going and I'm going to need more than my "great personality" to rely on when meeting new peeps.

I've got a pretty strong play list which is very motivating. In fact, tonight I was just staring at the clock on the face of the treadmill just thinking to myself that I needed to stop soon because I just couldn't handle much more when a song came on and I swear to you, I ran for 10 more minutes! As long as there is something on that makes me want to shake my ass, I'm golden. I'd appreciate any suggestions. What do you guys listen to while you work out? I usually stick to pop or hip hop. Anything that makes me want to shake it is perfect.

Also, I'm just going to come out and say it, I need your guys' comments. Seriously. Nothing is more motivating than telling you guys that I'm going to do something and then having to follow through. You'd think that I could just get in shape for myself but I'm just not that type of person. I need to have a REASON or purpose for it. So, PLEASE comment. Yes, that's me begging. Pretty please.

I'll leave you with the song that came on that motivated me to keep running. It seriously took everything I had not to look like the lobster hands guy in My Best Friends Wedding (Look for him around the 1:48 mark)while I was on the treadmill at the end of the song. Those of you who read this and my other blog will think I'm obsessed with this song. Truth is, I am. It's got the perfect running beat for my short little legs. And I'm shallow. I wanna wear daisy dukes with a bikini top. Don't judge.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why you're fat...

Hi! Remember us? Yep, we're still fat. I came across this post today and wanted to share with all of you. I don't know how much time this guy puts into blogging but I'm imagining it's a ton because his posts are always so long...and funny...and smart. I hope you enjoy his post about Why you're fat, and Why fat is such an asshole.