Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dropping the ball?

Shit. Hi everyone. Don't worry I didn't die, though at times I wanted to. This past little rut I have been in has sucked. I was competing in a competition with my family for weight loss. It was called the Game On! Diet. The competition is based on a book that my cousin was reading. More info can be found here It was a 4 week competition, and it was a blast because I was doing the whole thing with my family. After it ended, I fell off the deep end and into busy mode. I recently got a new job at a new location and it has been a challenge dealing with the change. I wasn't aware of how comfortable I was in my old job, and entering into a new environment with new people and personalities kind of got me down. I'M SORRY I have been absent. After I got a little settled in, I decided since I have kick ass benefits I would use them. I got an infected tooth surgically removed and had an implant placed in my jaw. I have included a photo to show you how it's done.. the only difference is that one of my molars was replaced with an implant. Basically they have to drill a hole into my jaw bone and put a screw in it.

This is the after photo. Notice the right side of my face and how gross it is

Talk about double chin. I didn't have any control over that. Anyway.. That was done on Tuesday, the photo taken on Wednesday. It is now Sunday and I am feeling better and no longer look like chunk from the movie Goonies.
I am now ready to get serious again and get this weight off forever!!! I have followed the directions of my co-pilot and visited Any of you reading should also visit that link and sign up!!!! It will be fun for all! and we will blog about our experience.

In the next two weeks I will be working out, and also packing up my apartment. The wife and I are moving into a HOUSE. No, I didn't buy a house. I don't really want to make that type of investment considering I do not want to live in Utah that long ever. For the next couple of years though.. we will be living in a house like grown ups, our dogs will have a yard to play in, and we will be much happier. I'll post pictures.

I AM SO SO SO SORRY I have been missing. It wont happen again, I promise. How is everyone else doing? Comment! Let me know!


  1. It's about damn time! Love reading this!

  2. finally! ha ha! Congrats on the house & the tooth! Way to freak me out about the dental work I am needing :S

  3. Just make sure you have a lot of pain medicine air.